Slot Machine Symbols Guide: Standard, Scatter, and Wild Slot Symbols

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Slot machines are easy to figure out and fun to play. A unique feature of most slot games is the slot symbols. These symbols may vary from one slot to the next, but slot symbols have some specific classifications.

In this article, we introduce the various classifications of slot symbols and the standard functions of these symbols.

Standard Symbols

The standard slot symbols are the most common types of symbols. Each standard symbol has a specific payout value, and this value depends on the slot design. However, most slots use the standard symbols as the low-paying symbols.

Some of the standard symbols you can find on slot machines include:

  1. A symbol
  2. K symbol
  3. Q symbol
  4. J symbol
  5. Hearts symbol
  6. Spades symbol
  7. Diamonds symbol
  8. Clubs symbol

There are other examples of standard symbols, such as the classic and fruit symbol, and you will read about these symbols later in this article. The standard symbols payout for every winning combination you form like every other symbol. The amount you win will depend on the number of symbols that appear in the winning pattern.

Special Slot Symbols

The special slot symbols are unique symbols that trigger special features on most slot games. Different slots have a different number of special symbols, so it is common to find some games with just one special symbol.

Some popular special symbols you will come across when playing slots include:

Symbols Description Example Slot
Scatter Symbols The scatter symbol is a special symbol that appears on most of the latest online slots. There are several functions of scatter symbols, and you must go through the slot information to find out the features of its scatters. Some of the typical functions of scatter symbols include: Trigger a bonus round, Trigger free spins, Functions as multipliers, Act as a substitute to form winning patterns. To trigger the function of a scatter symbol, most slots require players to land three or more of the symbols. The number of spins you get for slots that offer free spins will often depend on the number of scatter symbols you land. Dazzle Me Slot
Wild Symbols The Wild symbol is a symbol on slot machines that can substitute other symbols to form a winning combination. It is important to note that wild symbols don’t substitute the scatter and free spins symbols on most slots. Many slots feature wild symbols as their highest paying symbols, and here are some common types of wild symbols: Gonzo’s Quest Slot
Sticky Wild Symbols A sticky symbol is a type of symbol that remains fixed in its position for a specific duration after it appears. The sticky wild will remain for the next round on many slots, while several other slots have sticky wilds that remain for multiple rounds. Fire Joker Slot
Moving Wild This is a wild symbol that stays for more than one round but changes position for each new round. There are different patterns for the movement of this wild symbol. Book of Dead
Expanding Wild Symbols The expanding wilds are symbols that appear and occupy an entire reel on a slot. You have a better chance of getting a winning combination when this happens since it substitutes for other symbols. Different slots have different conditions for how the expanding wild symbols work. For example, some slots restrict the reels on which the symbols can appear. Starburst Slot
Stacked Wild Symbols There are many similarities between the stacked wild and expanding wild symbol. The main difference between both symbols is that the stacked wild symbol expands to cover only a portion of the reel on which it appears. Mega Moolah Slot
Multiplier Wild This is a wild symbol that appears with a multiplier. In other aspects, it acts as the regular wild symbol. Wolf Gold Slot
Bonus Symbols Many slots come with bonus rounds and features for players to enjoy. The bonus symbols are available to activate the bonus features or rounds of the slot. The bonus feature may be a bonus game, a jackpot, etc. Game Of Thrones Slot
Multiplier Symbols The multiplier symbols are special symbols that appear in some slot games. When they appear, they provide a multiplier on your winnings. The multiplier value you get from the multiplier symbol will vary from one slot to another. When you get more than one multiplier symbol, it is common for the slot to combine the multiplier value and apply it to your winnings. For example, landing a 3x and 4x multiplier will give a total multiplier of 12x. Sweet Bonanza Slot

Old But Gold – The Classic Slots And Fruit Slot Symbols

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The casino industry has a long history, and the early days saw players visiting gambling halls to enjoy physical slot games. Most of these physical slots were mechanical slots, and the symbols on the slots were limited.

The card symbols like the diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs are popular classic symbols that still appear on some slots today. The Lucky 7s, bell symbols, and horseshoe symbols are excellent examples of classic slot symbols.

Another set of classic symbols is the fruit symbols. The lemons, pears, cherries, oranges, and melons are common fruit symbols that many slot developers still use in their games. Many veteran slot players have memories associated with these classic symbols, so it is difficult for developers to phase them out completely.

In Summary

With the advances in technology and the development of modern slot machines, there have been many improvements in slot gameplay and graphics. These improvements extend to the symbols on the reels and their functions.

Many slot games now feature symbols of characters unique to the game. You can find slots with vampires, bats, houses, cars, and many other icons you can imagine. Nonetheless, all these symbols must fall into one of the categories stated above.

Going through the paytable and help section of a slot will help you find all the information you need to identify the special symbols and their function in a specific slot game.

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