Best Online Roulette Sites & Complete Guide

Your ultimate guide to playing online roulette. Learn the rules, bet types and strategies to win. See our selection of the best roulette sites.

Updated for December, 2022

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online roulette


What is Roulette?


Roulette is an iconic and popular table game ravished by most players. In fact, among all casino titles, only slots can rival Roulette’s universal appeal. It’s a thrilling game that involves a bit of skill and expertise to play. However, that shouldn’t put you off; it’s a rather complex game but simple to master after learning the game rules. With several Roulette variations and multiple betting options, you’re almost sure to win if you employ the best strategies. Read our guide on how to play roulette and learn how to master this game,


More Game Guides


Your Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette

We’ve prepared a detailed guide including the basics, strategies and tips for playing the game. Here you will find everything you need to know before playing real money roulette online. Follow the links below to read more about each of the topics.



How to Play Online Roulette


Now here comes the soul-stirring segment – playing online Roulette. Before commencing gameplay, you’ll need to deposit funds to your online casino account. Since you cannot play with cash, you’ll convert the money into playing chips. The chips have different colours with different values depending on the casino. However, the playing steps are standard across all platforms. Therefore, these are the 5 steps of playing online Roulette:


Step 1


Choose a Roulette Variant

There are diverse versions of online Roulette available at online casinos. The most common variations are American, French, and European Roulette. While more versions are available, as explained above, we recommend playing European and French. However, you can still choose a variant that best suits you.

Step 2


Place your Bet(s)

The main aim is to predict where the Roulette ball will land. Since you already know the different bet types, it will be easy to decide which bet to make. So, to place a bet, move your chips to your desired bet choice.

Step 3


Spin the Wheel

After placing your wager, tap “Spin” or “Play.” That will spin the Roulette wheel. In live dealer Roulette, the croupier spins the wheel and then drops the ball over the wheel. You can still place bets in live Roulette when the ball is rolling until the dealer issues a “No more bets” directive.

Step 4


The Outcome

The most nail-biting part of the game is watching the ball bounce in and out of the pockets. To some players, at that moment, time slows down. Nevertheless, all winning bets are paid according to the paytable, and all losing bets are collected.

Step 5


Bet Again

Finally, you may decide to spin again with the previous bet options, or you can change the bet. Remember, you can place multiple Roulette bets in each round to maximize your winning chances. Also, you can change your tricks and strategies to ensure frequent wins.



casino online roulette


How does Online Roulette Work?


It’s pretty straightforward. Roulette has two main components; the betting board and the wheel. The betting area is where you place your bets and virtual betting chips. The wheel is the core of the game as it determines round outcomes. In addition, there’s a small white ball that’s placed on the spinning Roulette wheel. Winning bets are paid after the white ball lands on a particular pocket number when the wheel stops spinning.



Play at the Best Roulette Sites

We’ve thoroughly reviewed & tested these casino websites so you can play with confidence.


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game variations


Popular Roulette Game Variations


Conventionally, the two most-admired versions of Roulette are European and American. These are the most common games at any land-based or online casino. However, other variations provide better odds and, consequently, more fantastic payouts. The rules of Roulette among these variations are pretty much similar. Therefore, we’ll lay out the differences among all the versions below.



American Roulette

It’s a standard Roulette version, but it’s not player-friendly. Its wheel has 38 pockets, with a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). The extra pocket is the main difference between this version and the European variation. Also, it has a 5.26% house edge. If you couple that with the additional pocket, you’ll find that your winning probability in this variation is lower.

European Roulette

Unlike the American variation, the European Roulette is the most commonly offered and popular among players globally. This is because its wheel has 37 slots with only a single zero. That makes your winning chances slightly more significant than its counterpart. Additionally, it possesses a much-coveted house edge of a mere 2.7%. Therefore, we recommend this variation to beginners learning the game.

Live Dealer Roulette

How about some live action? Live Roulette works just like its classic computer-programmed counterparts. However, in Live Roulette, you enjoy the thrill of playing the game in a real-life casino-like atmosphere. The game is hosted via live video stream, and an actual croupier spins the Roulette wheel. Make sure you check out our list the best live dealer casino sites to enjoy various live roulette games.


French Roulette

This Roulette variation has stunning similarities to the European version. French Roulette’s wheel has a single zero, and the game rules are alike. In addition, the available bet types are similar with the inclusion of “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules. These rules act as a buffer to players since you’ll get half your stake back if the ball lands on zero. What’s more, it has an insanely low house edge of 1.35%.

Multi-Ball Roulette

If you fancy adding a few twists to your Roulette action, Multi-Ball Roulette’s a lucrative option. As its name suggests, you can play with several balls, usually from 2 to even 10 balls! It’s an upgrade of the classic game with additional bets as well. Fortunately, it uses the single-pocket European wheel, so it’ll be quick to learn the game. Also, it has a 2.7% house edge.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

It works like Multi-Ball Roulette, but it has several wheels. Typically, the casinos offering this version have 6 or 8 wheels. Notably, you can only place the same bet across all the wheels and not different wagers in one round. However, you can choose the number of wheels you want to be active. Multi-Wheel Roulette uses the European table and wheel layout.



casino games bet types


Roulette Betting Options


You’ll need to learn the different bet types available to win in Roulette. That way, you can take a more calculative approach to the game while making more knowledgeable wagers. Roulette has a myriad of bet options, but the two main bet categories are inside and outside bets.


Inside Bets

These are wagers on specific numbers and are often in the inner section of the Roulette table. Inside bets provide more excellent payouts but with low winning probabilities. That said, inside bets have eight sub-divisions:

  • Straight Up: It’s a bet on a single number on the table.
  • Split: Wagering on two adjacent numbers.
  • Street: It’s wagering on three numbers of your choice appearing in a vertical line. It’s also called a trio bet.
  • Corner: A bet involving four numbers forming a square on the table.
  • Line: A wager on two adjacent streets.
  • Basket: It’s also a “first four” bet; it’s a wager on these numbers: (0, 1, 2, and 3).
  • Five-Number Bet: It’s a bet on a set of these specific five numbers: (0, 00, 1, 2, and 3).
  • Snake Bet: A wager involving these special bet numbers: (1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34). These numbers form a snake-like pattern on the felt, hence the name.

Outside Bets

These wagers are contradictory to the inside bets. They appear on the outer section of the Roulette felt. Additionally, they offer lower payouts, but the winning probabilities in these bets are more significant. That said, outside bets contain five sub-divisions:

  • Black/Red: A wager on if a black or red number will win.
  • High/Low: This is a bet on high numbers (19-36) or low numbers (1-18). If your number falls within either category, you win.
  • Odd/Even: A wager on whether the ball will land on an even or odd number.
  • Column: It’s betting on whether the ball will land on any number within the three columns marked “2 to 1” at the Roulette table. Each column has 12 numerals.
  • Dozen: It’s a wager covering 12 numbers that appear in order. You’ll see the Roulette table with the inscriptions: 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12.




Online Roulette Tips and Tricks


As great as it may be to win every time, it’s impossible due to the random nature of outcomes. You may have grasped Roulette rules, but there’re aspects of the game the rulebook won’t highlight. For example, the best winning strategies to use. Luckily, these handy Roulette tips and tricks will accord you an edge over the casino:



Tip 1: Free play practice

For novice players – you can play the demo or free versions of Roulette to test your skills and understand the game. That’s a great chance to familiarize yourself with Roulette terms, bet types, and rules before diving into real money gameplay.

Tip 2: Play Roulette variations with the best odds

It’s best to play French and European Roulette since they have higher winning probabilities than American Roulette. They have better odds since the wheel layout in these two versions has 37 pockets, unlike the 38 in American Roulette. In addition, they have a low house edge, meaning you can win more often.

Tip 3: Employ tested Roulette strategies

Although being a game of chance, you can use certain strategies to win more often. These strategies include the Martingale system, Labouchere, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and the James Bond strategy. However, you should note that these strategies only enhance your winning opportunities. So, they won’t guarantee wins every time.

Tip 4: Place outside bets over inside bets

By now, you know the difference between the two. Therefore, to ensure you have increased winning chances, you should wager on outside bets often. Although they offer lower payouts than inside bets, you’ll at least win more frequently. Inside bets are a hail mary- massive payouts but lesser win probabilities.

Tip 5: Play only at reliable online casinos

For the best online Roulette gambling experience, you should only play at trustworthy, secure, and licensed casinos. Gambling at safe platforms guarantees payouts when you win and the security of your sensitive information.

Tip 6: Responsible Gambling

While playing online, Roulette is scintillating; it could be addictive in the long run. That may lead to bad debts and a poor lifestyle. Therefore, we recommend setting deposit, betting, and loss limits to avoid overspending on gambling.


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in summary


In Conclusion


Roulette is an elegant and easy-to-learn game requiring a certain level of finesse. Luckily, we’ve laid out every essential information in this guide to help you become a Roulette expert. Master the different bet types and game rules, and then play Roulette demo versions to understand the game further. Our additional game tips and tricks will allow you to play Roulette with confidence and artistry.




Can I play online roulette games on my phone?

Yes. Modern online casinos customize all games for mobile gameplay. You may need to download a mobile casino application on some platforms, while others don’t need additional software. Nonetheless, whichever option you choose, you’ll still play via your Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Which are the best bets in roulette games?

Outside bets are the safest bets in Roulette because they have a higher win probability than inside bets. However, the bet with the biggest payout is the straight-up bet that pays (37:1). Bets like high/low or red/black pay even money (1:1).

Is online Roulette rigged?

No. Online Roulette is a bias-free game since it operates with the Random Number Generator (RNG) software. The software ensures all bet outcomes are spontaneous. What’s more, independent organizations like eCOGRA, TST, and iTech Labs often audit and test the randomness and fairness of games.

What is the difference between American and European Roulette?

The main difference is in the wheel layout. American Roulette’s wheel has 38 pockets with (0 and 00), while the European version has 37 pockets with (0). Additionally, they have a different house edge, with European Roulette being a fan-favourite since you can win frequently.

What is the minimum bet in Roulette?

Typically, the least amount you can wager in Roulette ranges between $1 and $5. However, the minimum bet may differ depending on the Roulette variation. For example, in Low Stakes Roulette, you can place a minimum wager of $0.05.