Best Online Blackjack Sites & Complete Guide

Here you will find the best online blackjack sites. Learn how to play blackjack, master the bet types and strategies to improve your winning chances.

Updated for November, 2022

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What is Online Blackjack?


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, and it has been around for centuries. Its origins are rooted back in Europe, with an unconfirmed theory dating back to the Romans, who loved to gamble. However, the version we play nowadays seems to come from the French, but it really started to gain popularity in the US when it was introduced to the casinos of Las Vegas.

You can now play it at online casinos, and it’s not reserved for high rollers only. Moreover, many variations of the rules have spawned over the years for an even more intense experience. Read our comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know to win at blackjack.



More Game Guides


Your Ultimate Guide to Online Blackjack

We’ve prepared a detailed guide including the basics, strategies and tips for playing the game. Here you will find everything you need to know before playing blackjack for real money. Follow the links below to read more about each of the topics.



Online Blackjack Main Rules


The game’s main rules are the same, no matter the variant you play. The game opposes players to a professional dealer; two cards are dealt to each participant. The goal is to have the sum of the cards dealt reach 21 (the famous blackjack) without going over this number or to have a combination closer to 21 than the dealer to win the game. You get closer to this number by drawing cards. The ace is worth one or 11 (the choice is up to the player), face cards are all worth 10, and the numbered cards are worth what’s written on them.




Popular Blackjack Variations


Blackjack is a popular card game and as with anything popular, variations of the game, depending on the local cultures where it’s played or just to add some spice to the game. These are the main variants you’ll find at most online casinos or land-based establishments.



casino game variety


American Blackjack

American blackjack is known worldwide and is the most played variant of the game in the world. The player is dealt two cards face up, while the dealer has one card face up and another face down.

The objective is to reach 21 with the sum of your cards without going over this number. After the player gets the first two cards, they can ask for another one; they can also decide to stand at any point. After that, it’s up to the dealer to draw some cards, and they will stop when he reaches 17 or a number above.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This variant is closer to the American variant and is the game played at many Las Vegas tables. The dealer has four to eight decks of cards to shuffle. He will deal two cards to the player face up and two for himself, one with the face-up and the other face down.

If the card face up is an ace, the players can place a side bet as insurance. The dealer will always stop and stand on a soft 17. This variant is reputed to be more user-friendly, with doubling down still allowed even after splitting a hand.

European Blackjack

European blackjack is more strict compared to the two aforementioned versions of the game. Players can only split once this time and only with cards above ten if there are two identical face values. The dealer will also stand on a soft 17, and he won’t check for blackjack mid-game.

Moreover, players will only be able to double down on a nine, a 10, or an 11, and if the dealer gets a blackjack, it beats any other hand, except for another blackjack. It’s still a widely played variant, although it may not suit beginners and is intended for experts of the game.



casino bet types


Blackjack Side Bets


Blackjack is already a pretty exciting game by itself, but it can give you even more thrill with side bets. These secondary bets can be placed alongside the main bet to give more chances of winning if a specific event happens during the hand. It can help you win some money even if you lose the main bet.


Perfect Pairs

This side bet is the most popular in blackjack, even lending its name to some blackjack games online. When you wager on a perfect pair, you’re betting that the first two cards dealt to you will be identical. There are three types of pairs you can get, and they pay out differently:

  • Perfect Pair: The two cards have the same value, color and suit — Pays out 30/1
  • Mixed Pair: Same value only — Pays out 5/1
  • Colored Pair: Same value and color but different suit — Pays out 10/1


If the dealer has an ace facing up on the first deal, players can place an insurance bet. This side bet pays out 2/1, and you can bet half of your main bet for the hand. This bet can only be placed before the dealer reveals his hidden card. If the hole card has a value of 10, then the dealer gets a blackjack, and the insurance is paid out to the player. It’s a popular side bet mainly found in Vegas Strip variants of the game. This side seems attractive, but it’s a losing bet in the long run.


This side bet requires knowledge of the rules of three-card poker since it uses some of its rules. It gets paid out if the combination of the first two cards you’re dealt and the dealer’s visible card creates a poker combination. Here are the combinations you can get:

  • Flush: Three cards within the same suit — Pays out 5/1
  • Straight: Three cards following each other in value — Pays out 10/1
  • Three of a kind: The three cards have the same value — Pays out 30/1
  • Straight flush: Consecutive value in the same suit — Pays out 40/1
  • Suited three of a kind: Same suit and same value — Pays out 100/1


Play at the Best Blackjack Sites

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Blackjack Strategies


Blackjack may be a game of chance, but there are strategies to improve your chances of winning. Like every casino game, it requires some mathematical knowledge about probabilities. Let us show three proven and tested strategies that can help you get better at blackjack.


Strategy 1: Know Whet To Split

During a blackjack game, you have the possibility to split your hand. In some variants, you can only split once, but in others, you can split several times. We recommend always splitting a pair of aces or eights, but not fives or 10s, no matter what the dealer has. If a dealer has four, five, six, or seven as his upper card, you have better chances by splitting if you have pairs of twos, threes, six, or seven.

This rule is slightly altered if you can split a second time, and if this is the case, you should split twos and threes against a dealer’s two or three; the same goes if you have sixes or fours against a two.

Strategy 2: Double Wisely

Depending on what you’re dealt, it can sometimes be a good idea to double down on your bet, especially if you know you have the upper hand on the dealer. This can happen if you have a hard nine against a three, a four, a five, or a six. If you have a hard 10, it’s also good to double down, except if the dealer has an 1ce or a card worth 10.

When you have a soft combination between 13 and 18, your chances are at an all-time high, especially if the dealer’s upper card is a six.

Strategy 3: Don't Be Greedy And Stand

Many players are afraid to hit a new card when they have a combination of 11 or less, but this is the moment you should always hit. However, if your combination is a hard 12 and your opponent has four, five, or a six, you should stand. On a hard 13, 14, 15, or 16, don’t try to hit if the dealer has a card from two to six.

Finally, you should always stand when you land a hard 17 or better, and the same goes for a soft 19 or greater. However, if you have a soft 18, you can hit if the dealer has a nine, a 10, or an ace.



online casino tips and tricks


Online Blackjack Tips and Tricks


In addition to these strategies we’ve just presented to you, you may want to consider these tips and tricks to further your mastering of this incredibly strategic game.



Tip 1: Know When To Double Down
If you’re dealt a hard 11, it’s best to double down, except if the game you’re in uses several decks and the dealer stands on a soft 17, then hitting will work in your favor.
Tip 2: Don't Split a Pair of Tens
If you’re dealt a pair of 10s, you have more chances of winning if you stand than if you split, especially if the dealer must stand on a soft 17.
Tip 3: Always Split With Pairs of Eights or Aces
Regardless of what the dealer has on his upcard, you’re better off splitting your hand. It’s the best strategy in the long run, even if you lose some hands.
Tip 4: Double Down On a Hard 11
When playing a multi-deck game where the dealer must stand on a soft 17, you’ll have better chances of winning if you double down on a hard eleven, no matter the dealer’s upcard.
Tip 5: Play a Pair Of Fives Like a Pair Of Tens
When you have two fives, you have good chances of getting a 10, which would put you at 20, which is a score rarely beaten by the dealer.
Tip 6: Set a Goal Limit
Like all casino games, it’s easy to get carried out when playing blackjack. It’s important to set some limits both in wins and losses and to stick to these limits.


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in summary


In Summary


Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of casino games or an experienced player looking to try another game, online blackjack will provide you with an action-packed experience. Even though the base rules are fairly simple to grasp, allowing anyone to get in the game, it’s possible to play around and put in place strategies to maximize your winning chances.




Can I play online blackjack for real money?

Yes, online casinos can let you play for real money with various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. Moreover, playing for real money allows you to withdraw if you're lucky enough to win.

What are the advantages of playing online blackjack?

Playing online presents several advantages compared to playing blackjack at a land-based establishment. First, it's less expensive and more accessible. Anyone can play blackjack on their computer without having to pay for hotels and take the weekend off. It's also possible to play at VIP tables without having to wait hours to get in the game.

Can I count cards playing online blackjack?

No, counting cards is illegal and will not be tolerated by online casinos. If the online operator finds out that you're cheating, your account will be banned, your winnings void, and you risk getting blacklisted. Moreover, while playing online, using some programs to gain an edge over the casino can be detected.

How to win at online blackjack?

The first thing to do before playing any blackjack game is to master the basic rules of the game. Then you want to select a variant you're comfortable with and apply adapted strategies during your game to ensure you have the best chances of winning or at least minimizing your losses.

Is playing online blackjack safe?

Playing online blackjack or any casino game for that matter is safe as long as you engage with a trustworthy site. You can determine this trustworthiness by looking for the gaming commission certificate to see if an independent agency audits them, and you can also check some user reviews to see if the establishment plays fair.