Best Online Bingo Sites & Complete Guide

Here you will find the best online bingo sites. Learn how to play online bingo, master the bet types and strategies to improve your winning chances.

Updated for December, 2022

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bingo online



What is Bingo?


Bingo is one of the most played games worldwide. It requires you to buy a card, cross some numbers and wait for the result to be announced. The goal is to hit a winning combination. Nowadays, bingo is available online and it can be played on any device, including a mobile phone. Read on to learn everything you need to know to succeed in this game.



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Your Ultimate Guide to Online Bingo

We’ve prepared a detailed guide including the basics, strategies and tips for playing the game. Here you will find everything you need to know before playing bingo for real money. Follow the links below to read more about each of the topics.



How to Play Online Bingo?


Online bingo allures players worldwide thanks to its simple rules and the vibrant experience it provides. Moreover, you can now play different types of games on all kinds of devices, as most of them are mobile-optimized. If you are a new player and are still unsure about how to start playing online bingo, please follow our quick guide below.


Step 1


Find the right online casino

It all starts from here. Find a good-quality, safe, and trustworthy operator with lots of different bingo rooms and readily available customer support. The first things you need to look at are the available licenses and security measures. You should also consider the gaming providers, payment methods, and withdrawal times.

Step 2


Get a proper welcome bonus

A good first-time subscriber deal is the perfect ingredient for a satisfying long-term online bingo experience. It is great that most online casinos try to motivate players by giving them generous and fair welcome packs. Nonetheless, we always advise you to read the promotion’s terms before claiming it.

Step 3


Make a Deposit

Fortunately, most online casinos allow you to first try the games for free before actually paying real cash. This is a great opportunity to decide where to invest your money.

Step 4


Get inside the game

This is the most exciting, entertaining part. You must have already browsed through the available games and selected your favorites. The next thing to do would be to just buy cards and relax while waiting for the numbers to be drawn.

Step 5


Have fun and win

After all, online bingo is all about having fun. Therefore, we wish you a joyful experience and we keep our fingers crossed for you to win.




Main Rules


Bingo is a very easy game to play. You are not required to perform any specific actions or employ complex strategies. It is a game of luck, where you cannot control the outcome.


All you need to do is buy a card or cards with a set of printed numbers. Afterward, you have to wait until the randomly drawn numbers are announced and see if you have a matching pattern or a “line.” If you are the first player to have a line, you win. It is important to note that payout size in bingo games, such as progressive jackpot formats, depends on the amount of the participants’ bets.

In general, this is how the game of online bingo is played. However, it has many variations. Some of the most popular ones include playing with 90, 80, 75, and 30 balls. You can either get one or several cards. Also, there are different winning patterns, which we will discuss in greater detail below.



bet types of casino games


Online Bingo Bet Types


In bingo, you bet on patterns. Most people have already heard about horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. However, there are also hundreds of other patterns that cannot all be explained in detail here. Nonetheless, we have tried to cover the most common ones below:


  • Four Corners: This is the most obvious combination. It simply means that you need the four corners of your bingo card to be checked. However, do have in mind that this is a lengthy game. The reason is that you need to observe only four numbers.
  • Clock: The Clock is an all-time bingo chatroom favorite because it can bring you extra prizes. It is called like this because it resembles the shape of a clock with the hour hand pointing between 4 and 5 o’clock.
  • Wine Glass: Another popular pattern is the Wine Glass consisting of 11 different numbers. The name is derived from the pattern’s shape.
  • Windmill: This is another pattern that requires you to invest some extra time in your play because it consists of many numbers. The pattern is used in 75-ball bingo and resembles the shape of a windmill observed from above.
  • Bell: Talking about progressive jackpot bingo games, the Bell is a 14-numbers pattern that is particularly popular in such formats. You can also often encounter it during the winter holiday season.
  • Witch’s Hat: Another holiday-related pattern is the Witch’s Hat. It consists of 13 numbers and typically becomes very popular around Halloween, along with the jack-o-lantern. This combination can also bring you additional prizes.

If you are a new online bingo player, you should not be intimidated by the massive variety of patterns. There is no need to memorize them because in online bingo the computer does everything for you.


Start Playing Bingo Online

We’ve thoroughly reviewed & tested these casinos so you can play with confidence.


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bingo online



Online Bingo Types


Bingo exists in several popular versions aimed to give you more opportunities to enjoy the game. The best thing, however, is that most online casinos allow you to try all these versions for free, so you can find the right fit for you.



90 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular kind of bingo in the United Kingdom. The rules are simple: You must use a bingo card with a 27-square grid. The grid consists of 3 horizontal and 9 vertical lines, where 15 numbers are displayed. On average, 90-ball bingo is played with 6 cards per round. The possible outcomes are 1 line, 2 lines, and a full house, while the rewards increase with each winning line.

80 Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo is played on a 16-square grid with 16 numbers. The columns are colored, so first, the color is announced, followed by the number. You have the following winning options: 1 line, 2, lines, 3 lines, or a full house.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the prevalent bingo variation in the United States. This type of bingo is played with a single card with 24 numbers. The center square often remains blank.

30 Ball Bingo

This is a very fast-paced type of bingo, with a game only lasting for a couple of minutes. The grid contains 3 rows, 3 columns, and 9 numbers.



casino games odds


Online Bingo Odds


Before we dive further into any statistics, let us just stress one more time that online bingo is a game that is entirely based on luck, just as the regular lottery. While the idea to win a huge prize with a tiny bet may seem appealing, the reality is that your odds of winning are quite small.


πŸ’‘ The house edge is about 10 %, which is pretty high. In fact, it is much higher than that of other games, such as online poker and blackjack.

With that being said, there are a few things you can do that may potentially impact your outcome. For example, you can strategize about the types of bingo games you can play, the number of cards you buy, the types of bets you make, and so on.

The first thing you need to consider when playing bingo is the average number of balls drawn. For the purpose of our example, we will use the game of 75-ball bingo, which is played with a 24-number card:


Game 2000 4000 6000 8000
Single Bingo 8.62 8.05 7.82 7.71
Double Bingo 19.32 18.04 17.22 16.79
Triple Bingo 27.13 25.77 25.03 24.49
Single Hardway 11.41 10.33 9.79 9.49
Double Hardway 24.56 23.07 22.25 21.76
Triple Hardway 33.44 31.95 31.09 30.64
Six Pack 9.51 8.90 8.55 8.37
Nine Pack 21.79 20.27 19.60 18.95
Coverall 57.57 56.38 55.56 55.08

Now, let us take a look at the possibility to hit a bingo with the first 4 – 15 balls:

Single Bingo card – 75 Ball Bingo

Number of Calls Bingo on the last ball Bingo on or before the last ball
4 0.0000032910% 0.0000032910%
5 0.0000136274% 0.0000169183%
6 0.0000352272% 0.0000521455%
7 0.0000727720% 0.0001249175%
8 0.0001314050% 0.0002563225%
9 0.0002167256% 0.0004730480%
10 0.0003347781% 0.0008078261%
11 0.0004920317% 0.0012998578%
12 0.0006953500% 0.0019952077%
13 0.0009519466% 0.0029471543%
14 0.0012693244% 0.0042164788%
15 0.0016551953% 0.0058716740%

As you can see, these percentages are quite low. However, bingo is still a very entertaining and low-cost gambling format, so let us look at a few strategies to help you maximize your chances.



casino strategy


Online Bingo Strategies


While we already said online bingo is entirely based on luck, there are a couple of things you can do to increase the probability of winning. Below, we present to your attention two of the most popular strategies designed to help you win in bingo.


Before we proceed, however, we would like to note one very important thing: You should always strive to play bingo in rooms with a limited number of players. The reason is that in standard online bingo – unlike digital slots – your potential reward will not increase or decrease in size depending on the number of players.

Consequently, your goal would be to play against as few opponents as possible. Such an approach will boost your winning chances. Therefore, we suggest you select unconventional time slots when fewer people are likely to join the game. A great idea would be to play on weekdays. Early mornings and late nights are also good choices.

Strategy 1: Granville’s system

This is a straightforward strategy, which assumes that every number has an equal chance of being drawn. Therefore, it recommends that you pick as varied numbers as possible, namely:

  • An equal amount of high and small numbers
  • An equal amount of even and odd numbers
  • Numbers with different last digits

While this advice seems quite reasonable, you should be aware that it was deducted following countless bingo draws. Therefore, there is no guarantee it will work in the course of just a few games.

Strategy 2: Tippet’s system

This is another quite plausible strategy, which stipulates that the numbers that are drawn will gravitate toward the game’s median. For instance, that would be 45 in the 90-ball variation, 40 in the 80-ball version, and so on. However, please note that this strategy is suitable for longer games. It does not apply to versions like 30-ball bingo.




Expert Advice: Save Money While Playing Online Bingo


We already stressed several times the fact that online bingo is a game of luck with a high house edge and modest – to say the least – odds of winning. At the same time, it is very entertaining and absorbing. Therefore, you might often be tempted to play many games. While we always advise players to observe the principles of responsible gambling, we would also like to help you maintain a good bankroll. Thus, we have compiled a list of proven techniques to save money while playing online bingo.



Tip 1: Create a budget

This is essential regardless of what type of game you intend to play. Decide exactly how much you would be comfortable spending and do not exceed the set amount. Once you spend it, simply stop playing.
Also, please be mindful of the fact that bingo is entirely based on luck. Therefore, you need to treat it as strictly a fun pastime activity. Bingo cannot serve as a source of income.

Tip 2: Invest wisely in your cards
First of all, do not buy expensive cards. Begin by playing free bingo and then move first to low-value games. You can even buy only one card at a time initially. When you buy multiple cards, you can either use the option where the computer picks them for you or choose them yourself. Buying several cards at a time is a reasonable way to increase your winning chances, especially if fewer people are playing the game at the moment.
Tip 3: Understand the rules
Bingo may be seemingly straightforward, but there are many versions of the game, where the rules differ. Therefore, make sure to study the gameplay in advance. Also, you should not forget to check the odds tables. This information will help you make informed wagering decisions. Last but not least, some bingo variations will allow you to make side bets. Our research has shown that these are mostly a waste of money, so we advise against them.
Tip 4: Utilize the online casino's bonuses and promotions
Welcome bonuses are just a tiny portion of the deals you can get at an online casino. Operators usually provide plenty of additional promotions for regular players. Most of them also have VIP programs, where you can receive even greater rewards. If you find any of these hard to locate on the operator’s website, you can contact customer support and ask them for assistance.
Tip 5: Play free bingo games
Lots of online gambling websites allow you to play bingo for free. This is an excellent way to grasp the rules and try different variations to hone your skills and gain more experience. It also helps if you pay attention to the chat rooms. This will allow you to gain valuable insight and find the answers to your questions. Online players are often willing to help and address any concerns fellow bingo enthusiasts might have.
Tip 6: Consider playing jackpot bingos

If you have a higher bankroll, maybe you can try jackpot bingo games. They are a tad more expensive to play, but the prizes are bigger.


history of online gambling


History of Bingo


Bingo is an extremely popular lottery-like game that is played all over the world. The modern-day version first appeared in the United States in 1929. However, historians have found that a couple of similar games were played in Italy and France as far back as the 16th century.


Whatever the origins of bingo might be, all we know is that this is one of the most popular and entertaining luck-based gaming formats. Its appeal is mostly because it is an easy to play, socially acceptable, and amusing game.

Plenty of online casinos offer first-class bingo rooms, where you can play different variations of the game. Moreover, you can still keep the social aspect by joining the chat rooms and interacting with the other players. And the best part is that you do not even have to leave your cozy home to drive to a brick-and-mortar bingo hall.


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