Is Online Casino Legal in Canada? What to Know in 2022

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Canada is a unique country in terms of how it handles gambling. Understanding the gambling laws in Canada can be confusing, but this article will offer simple explanations on how gambling works in Canada.

In most countries around the world, gambling is either good or bad. This classification of gambling leads to one of two options when setting gambling laws. In some countries, gambling is legal, while other countries place a ban on this action.

However, things are different in Canada, and the gambling laws in the country are flexible. In Canada, there are various provinces, and each province is responsible for administering its gambling laws. This is what makes gambling laws in the country unique.

While gambling in land-based casinos is regulated by the province, players can gamble in CA online casinos without breaking any laws.

Gambling Laws in Various Parts of Canada

There are different laws depending on what province you reside in Canada. Here, we look at some of the laws in certain provinces.



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This province has a little over 25 land-based casinos that players can visit. By providing charitable operations, these casinos share their profits across several charity organisations in the Alberta region. For those that prefer online gambling, Alberta doesn’t place any form of restriction on it.


Players who intend to engage in sports betting must note that there is a $250 daily limit on wagers. Horse racing and lottery are also legal in the region.





Residents in Quebec can visit online gambling sites to enjoy various casino games. For those that prefer land-based casinos, there are nine options in this region, with the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission overseeing the activities of these establishments.



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Quebec has a single racetrack that supports horse race betting, and other forms of sports betting are available through Mise-O-Jeu.



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Ontario is a liberal region with many residents admitting to gambling during the year. The region is home to more than 25 land-based casinos and racetracks that provide access to slot games. The Pro-Line service is available to players that intend to place sports bets.


This province supports various forms of horse racing and lotteries, and charitable games also thrive under the Ontario Gambling laws.



Prince Edward Island


The Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission oversees the gambling and gaming activities, and grants players access to various games. Residents in the region can place bets on horse racing at the Summerside Raceway and Charlottetown Driving Park, with no option for off-track betting.



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The region has a racino that features casino-style gaming and harness racing. Casino gambling is open to anyone above 19, with games such as poker, slots, and blackjack. Video Lottery Terminals are operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, while the Pro-Line service offers parley bets on sports betting.



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The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba is responsible for the gambling activities in this province. Various forms of gambling are legal in Manitoba, making it fun for residents. Those who enjoy gambling can try out PlayNow, the only legal online gambling operator.


Individuals can enjoy horse racing with off-track betting facilities available in the province. Land-based casinos are available, and there are several government-owned establishments open.



Newfoundland and Labrador


In this province, land-based casinos aren’t allowed to operate. Nonetheless, there are other forms of gambling that are legal such as lottery, horse racing, video lottery terminals, sports betting, and online gaming.



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There are more than 1,000 online gaming sites operating offshore that accept players from Newfoundland, but no virtual casino or sportsbook operates within the province.



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New Brunswick


There are various gambling activities open to residents of New Brunswick. Individuals can visit the only land-based casinos in Moncton to enjoy table games, poker, and slots. Online gambling is available through offshore service providers with no regulation within the province.


Other forms of gambling include horse racing betting, video lottery terminals, and sports betting.



Nova Scotia


Things aren’t so bad in this province, considering it is one of the smallest provinces in the country. Residents have access to excellent horse racing events and place bets at the track or teletheatres.



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Two land-based casinos operate in the province, with online gambling legally available through offshore casinos. The Pro-Line system in use by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation helps provide access to sports betting for the Nova Scotia residents.



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British Colombia


This province attracts players from neighbouring states in the United States, such as Washington and Oregon. Players who stay in this province can enjoy various forms of legal gambling with the British Colombia Lottery Corporation overseeing the activities.


More than 15 land-based casinos are available in the region, with the largest being the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver. PlayNow is the only legal online gambling site regulated in the British Colombia province. Sports betting is available, and you can get tickets in convenience stores.





The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority operates six land-based casinos in the province, and there are other casinos available in the region. Sports betting, horse racing, and lottery are all legal. Although online gambling isn’t illegal, online gaming providers cannot be based in Saskatchewan.



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In addition to these provinces, there are territories in Canada that also have unique gambling laws. These include the following:

  1. Yukon: Setting up a permanent casino isn’t allowed in this region, but not-for-profit and religious organisations may operate a three-day casino. Sports betting and online gambling are legal in this territory.
  2. Northwest Territories: This territory allows residents to enjoy online gaming, land-based casinos, sports betting, and lottery games. Nonetheless, there is no land-based casino in the territory.
  3. Nunavut: Online gambling is legal in this territory, and residents can place bets on horse races. It is common for residents to engage in private wagers between adults.


The Canadian authorities do their best to minimise gambling activities in the country, and you must understand what regulations are in place in your province or territory. If you’re visiting another province, you need to understand that some legal actions in your province may be illegal in the new location. Reading up on the regulations will help you avoid issues.

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