Biggest Jackpot Wins in Canadian Casino History

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While casino games offer unsurpassed thrill and entertainment, the end goal is the same – to win. There is hardly anyone who has never dreamt of scratching off a ticket or spinning the reels and getting a boatload of money. After all, the vision of making cash while having fun is highly appealing.

Quite a few Canadians are keen on playing casino games, and we often hear different success stories. However, we wanted to present our readers with a real juicy scoop of major cash rewards. Therefore, we set off to track down the biggest casino wins in recent Canadian history.

The C$16.5 million Mega Moolah Online Jackpot in 2020

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Now, we all know about Microgaming’s Mega Moolah online jackpot slot. The game holds the Guinness World Record for the largest online casino jackpot. Therefore, it is no surprise that massive numbers of players are interested in spinning the reels on this entertaining machine.

Statistics show that Canadians are especially fond of Mega Moolah, so over time, there have been 20 local jackpot winners. The collective prize amount won by Canadian players is C$144.6 million.

However, the biggest jackpot fell in 2020, when a lucky player hit almost C$16.5 million by spinning the reels at one of the most popular online casinos in Canada. This is much more than the slot’s average jackpot of C$7 million. The lucky winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

Progressive jackpot online slots are some of the most rewarding casino games that allow you to win massive prizes with just a single spin of the reels. Mega Moolah is a 5-reel, 25-payilne African-themed progressive jackpot slot with low variance, an RTP of 93.42%, and a 46.36% hit frequency rate.

These parameters mean that almost half of your spins are expected to form a winning combination. The slot offers free spins and a game bonus feature.

The C$5.8 Million Megabucks Win at a Niagara Falls Casino

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Niagara Falls is one lucky town for Canadian gamblers, and you will see why below. The most prominent example to support this fact is the 2004 prize of C$5.8 million a local casino paid to a Toronto citizen named Nick Hulst.

Hulst was spinning the reels on a greatly amusing slot machine called Megabucks when fate decided to interfere and make him rich. However, note that Hulst had actually made a significant investment before winning the amount. He had paid C$60 for the 19 previous rounds of the game. It was only on the twentieth spin that he hit the jackpot.

Such examples come to prove that you can very seldom win from playing for the first time. Those who succeed are usually persistent and have a suitable bankroll for prolonged play. If neither of these is valid for you, you should rather practice casino gambling on limited occasions and strictly for entertainment purposes.

The C$4.7 Million Megabucks Toronto Win

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Megabucks appears to be a very generous game. In 2008, it granted a lucky player a C$4.7 million jackpot at a Toronto-based casino. The winner decided to remain anonymous, but the story still sticks with us, attracting more and more gamblers to test their luck on the Megabucks machine.

What makes this slot so popular is the fact that it is quite affordable with wagers starting from C$1. Besides, you can win the entire jackpot for this amount.

The 2013 Niagara Falls King of Pop C$1.8 Million Jackpot

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As we said above, Niagara Falls seems to be a very lucky place for casino lovers. In 2013, a woman who only identified herself as Kathryn won a jackpot of C$1.8 million by playing a slot machine called The King of Pop and dedicated to Michael Jackson.

Just like Nick Hulst from the example above, Kathryn invested C$60 and played for about an hour before she got lucky. Indeed, C$60 may not seem much given the prize size, but it is still not an amount everyone can afford.

The Most Prominent Canadian Table Game Heroes

Canada boasts a fascinating table game casino scene. Professional poker is extremely well-developed, and the country has given the world some of its best players, including legend Daniel Negreanu and stars like Timothy Adams and Sam Greenwood. Negreanu is said to have made so far total winnings of over C$45 million, while the prizes of both Adams and Greenwood are estimated at more than C$20 million.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is not impossible to win big at casino games. However, it is highly improbable when you deal with formats that are entirely based on luck, such as slot machines, scratch cards, bingo, keno, etc.

Nonetheless, these games attract the most players because it appears on the side that you can win a huge sum of money by investing as little as a single dollar. In fact, some online slots even require you to bet only a few cents.

The downside is that wins are so infrequent that often you are led to losing large sums of money without even noticing. The cents slip through your fingers while you spin the reels, only for you to realize later that the seemingly small bets have accumulated a huge pile of expense.

You do stand a higher chance, however, if you play games where skill is required as well. One such example is poker, which is famous for its multimillion prize tournaments. Of course, to win such rewards you need to become a master player, which takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort.

Given the above, we highly recommend that you play responsibly and never regard gambling as a source of income. Rather, you should treat it as an expense and set aside a certain budget, which you need to observe vigilantly.

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